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 Genuine Swarovski CrystalsDivider carries genuine Swarovski Crystal Beads in dozens of beautiful colors, three varied shapes, and up to four different sizes. With exotic names, such as Bermuda Blue, Indian Sapphire, and Purple Velvet, you can imagine the radiant qualities that these Swarovski beads possess. Available in round, cube, and bi-cone shapes, these sparkling Swarovski crystal beads can be used to create a variety of attractive jewelry pieces. The translucent nature of Swarovski crystal, combined with the purity and lustrous appearance of these distinctive beads, explains the enduring appeal of this sought-after jewelry product. We invite you to browse through our jewelry making supply site to find the color, cut, and quantity of Swarovski beads that suits your needs, tastes, and objectives. We're confident you'll be delighted with the consistent quality and distinctive beauty of our entire collection of authentic Swarovski Crystal Beads. See below why Swarovski is a sound jewelry choice that women often make. We also invite you to check out our selection of elegant silk beading thread (especially the 100% silk Gudebrod Silk Spools), Beadalon, jewelry findings, and sterling silver metal chains.

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Why choose Swarovski Crystal Beads?

In life’s journey of thousands of days, there are sign-posts along the way that seem to bring us back to events and emotions. Whether it is a picture or phrase from a loved one long ago, or even a special object, their significance is carried with us all along.

Special objects we collect along this journey of life may exist as a marker for us of memories and feelings. It is almost as if they hold the memories for us.

Swarovski beads are such items of beauty, history, and richness that on the day they are received can be one of those bookmarks in a chapter of life that contains meaningful memories and emotions.

The Swarovski crystal bead itself is thought of as one of the most well-regarded beads because of its meticulous and unique production process. That’s the stuff that is secondary to its incredible beauty, grace, variety and brilliance of color to complement you, no matter how or when you wear it.

The historical Swarovski tradition of cutting crystals to perfection may have started over 100 years ago, but their world-renowned respect has never wavered. In fact, their timeless beauty has endured the sands of time only to emerge as brilliant and as stunning as ever.

Beading is an ancient craft full of wonder, beauty, and symbolism. In terms of fashion and fashion trends, beading and the wearing of beaded jewelry are often a reflection of ones inner creativity, self image, and sense of individuality.

Colors, fashion and you: 

"How do I make a fashion statement that says something about me?"

The answer is in the question. While one can make a fashion statement by following the latest trends, it's much more satisfying to adopt a creative and thoughtful approach. Your choice of colors and color combinations play a central role in the subtle messages you convey to others:

Colors: Blues & greens                    
What they say: These colors highlight the hues and tints of nature, appealing to natural freedoms and the joys of life.

Colors: Rich yellows, oranges, and other warm colors                                                      
What they say: These colors enhance a late seasonal atmosphere as well as your own personal warmth.            

Colors: Reds, shades of pink & purples              
What they say: These colors bring out the sophistication and excitement of metropolitan culture and fashion.


 How to treat yourself like royalty with 100% silk beading thread

Queens and royal family members alike -- past and present -- know the beauty and value of silk. Historically, 100% silk hasn't always been readily available to everyone. However, the mystique of silk's worth and appeal has been sought after by many. In these modern times, silk is easier to come by, but its abundance has not diminished its place of distinction. When used as a building block for beading, silk's ease-of-use goes hand-in-hand with its quality, reputation, and subtle glamour.

Beading with 100% silk is a thoughful choice:

"I'd like to see the Griffin Silk Cords."

"I'd like to look at imported Gudebrod silk beading thread."



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Griffin Silk Cord No.2 Dark Blue

Catalog Number:SC-2-DKB

Griffin Silk Cord No.2 Dark Blue


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Griffin Silk Cord No.16 Garnet

Catalog Number:SC-16-GRT

Griffin Silk Cord No.16 Garnet


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Griffin Silk Cord No.5 Dark Blue

Catalog Number:SC-5-DKB

Griffin Silk Cord No.5 Dark Blue