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Precious Metal Wire

If your beading or other jewelry projects require silver jewelry wire or gold filled jewelry wire, you'll be pleased with our selection, quality, and volume discounts. In addition to round half hard wire and round hard wire, we also carry square soft wire and square hard wire for all your jewelry creation projects. An example of how to use precious metal wire when making a basic beaded necklace:

Beads. Bring your imagination and inner-creativity when choosing the Swarovski Crystal that will complement your most precious cargo, you.

Wire. Choose a wire with a diameter that will make stringing the beads easy.

Wire Cutting Pliers. You’ll have to size your necklace wire (many people do so by holding it up to their own necks and then adding about a half inch for the clasp and crimping tube). Cut the wire accordingly with wire cutting pliers.

String your necklace! Be sure to investigate all of the product pages because simply seeing a color, style or brand may inspire you to make a piece of jewelry that goes beyond your expectations. Experiment with color and shape.

Crimp tube. After your necklace is strung, making sure that the number of beads is even on both sides of the piece (this is especially key if you have a favorite, special or variance in color at the lowest hanging spot on your necklace), place a Crimp Tube as the ‘last’ bead on each side.

Crimp Pliers & Clasps. Lace the wire through your favorite style Clasp. Bend the exposed ends of your wire back and ‘double up’ on the thickness. Slide your crimp tube over the wire and use your Crimp Pliers to secure the tube and beads.


Sterling Silver Wire

14/20 Gold Filled Wire

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Sterling Silver 20 Gauge Square Hard Wire

Catalog Number:30-20SH

Item is sold by weight.1oz= 19ft0.03196" diameter