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Jewelry Making Supplies

A Variety of Great Jewelry Making Supplies Available Online

In addition to being one of the leading sources for Swarovski crystal beads, Big Stone also carries a variety of jewelry making supplies. Seven-strand, 19-strand, and 49-strand Beadalon wire are among the jewelry making supplies available through our online catalog. Offering varying degrees of flexibility, strength, and economy, Beadalon consists of individual wires stranded together within an abrasion-resistant nylon coating. The strength, flexibility, and price of these popular jewery making supplies varies according to the number of strands that are incorporated into the wire. The Beadalon 7-strand wire is considered good for general beading projects, while the 49 strand wire is a jewelry making supply used by many professional designers.

The jewelry making supplies we carry also include precious metal findings, such as gold filled, sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold. As you'll discover from exploring our online catalog, gold-filled jump rings and sterling silver jump rings are other jewelry making supplies that can be conveniently ordered through our web site.

Many of the jewelry making supplies and jewelry tools you need for both personal and business use are available through our online store. We're a reliable source for both 34-inch and 36-inch beading boards, as well as a variety of knot cutters, wire cutters, pliers, and other jewelry making supplies.

We carry virtually every jewelry making tool and jewelry making supply on your shopping list, including bead reamer sets, bead scoops, thread scissors, bead top cement, twisted flexible steel wire needles, silver plated French wire, and gold plated French wire. We can also provide you with silk cord, Griffin Silk Cards, Gudebrod Silk Spools, and other useful jewelry making supplies.

Shop Online for these high-quality Jewelry Making Supplies:
  • Beadalon
    • 7 strand Beadalon (good for general beading projects)
    • 19 strand Beadalon (combines strength, flexibility, and price features)
    • 49 strand Beadalon (professional grade beading wire: premium strength/softness/flexibility)
  • Jewelry Findings
    • Gold-filled jewelry findings
    • 14K yellow gold jewelry findings
    • Sterling silver jewelry findings
    • 14K white gold jewelry findings
  • Precious Metal Chains
    • Sterling silver jewelry chains
    • Oxidized sterling silver jewelry chains
    • 14/20 gold-filled jewelry chains
  • Precious Metal Wire for jewelry making
    • Sterling silver wire
    • 14/20 gold filled wire
    • 14K gold wire
  • Silk Cord for jewelry making projects
    • Griffin silk cards
    • Gudebrod silk spools
  • Swarovski Crystal Beads
    • 5000 round Swarovski crystal beads
    • 5301 bi-cone shaped Swarovski crystal beads
    • 5601 cube shaped Swarovski crystal beads
  • Jewelry making tools
    • jewelry pliers
    • bead reamer set
    • thread scissors
    • twisted flexible steel wire needles
    • bead tip cement
    • silver plated French wire (small/medium/large)
    • gold plated French wire (small/medium/large)
    • memory wire cutter
    • beading knot cutter
    • beading boards
      • 34 inch beading boards
      • 46 inch beading boards