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Because of its versatility, selection, and quality, Beadalon is is often the preferred choice for both professional jewelry designers and home crafters. As you'll see in the illustrations, below, Beadalon is available in three varieties: 7 strand Beadalon, 19 strand Beadalon, and 49 strand Beadalon. Choose the Beadalon product that best fits your budget and your jewelry making objectives.


View: 7 Strand

7 Strand

Beadalon 7 Strand is made up of 7 strands of wire incorporated within a protective, abrasion-resistant nylon coating. Good for general beading projects, Beadalon 7 Strand is economically priced and stronger than Tiger Tail.

View: 19 Strand

19 Strand

Beadalon 19 Strand has 19 miniature wires incorporated within a protective, abrasion-resistant nylon coating. Beadalon 19 Strand is the ideal combination of strength, flexibility, and price.

View: 49 Strand

49 Strand

Our highest quality wire, Beadalon 49 Strand consists of 49 smaller wires stranded together and nylon-coated for the best flexibility. It is the preferred wire for professional designers who demand premium strength, softness, and flexibility.