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Silk Beading Cord


We are excited to introduce the new line of Big Stone silk cords. Due to the enormous demand for our high quality silk threads, we are now directly importing our own house branded silk spools! We currently offer 24 colors and are working to add even more variety in the future. Big Stone silk cords are made of the highest quality Chinese silk, and we guarantee the standard of excellence that our customers expect from our products.

Our silk beading thread has both the smoothness and the strength to be the perfect choice for your bead stringing projects. With two outstanding product lines of silk thread, and over 40 rich color variations, you can buy silk thread from our online catalog that will enhance the look of every necklace you create. Peruse our colorful, high quality selection of Gudebrod silk cords and Griffin silk cord to find the color and quantity that will best match your jewery making needs. Both our Gudebrod silk spools and our Griffin silk cords are made of 100% pure silk. The silk beading thread is easy to work with, luxuriously smooth and shiny, and come in a veritable rainbow of brilliant and subtle shades.

The colorful history of silk lives on thousands of years after being discovered to be an item of high-value and regard. Once kept secret and produced solely for rulers, silk is a more common-place material that still holds on to its mystique and beauty and has not wavered from distinction.


View: Big Stone™ Silk Spools

Big Stone™ Silk Spools

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Griffin™ Silk Cards

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Gudebrod™ Silk Spools